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Summer Bedlinen

Summer Bedlinen

Lets think about it differently...

Most of the time we're so stuck with the traditional way of doing things that we don't even question why we do them, and if everyone else is also doing it, it's hard to break free and do things differently.

We have a duvet and a duvet cover. We wash the duvet cover, but not the duvet....

There are a few different types of fillings in duvets, feather, wool, polyester and silk.

Which is a troubling choice if you're vegan, or allergic, or want to reduce the amount of plastic you are responsible for in the world. Polyester filling is made from oil, so it's essentially plastic. It won't biodegrade like wool or feathers. It will still be here long after we're dead and gone.

With growing awareness of the huge plastic problem we face, plus our concerns about animal welfare in the factory farming industry, we decided to develop a completely cotton product. Our blankets are made from organic cotton satin finish with our fun, bright prints on the outside and two layers of organic cotton flannel on the inside.



Organic cotton reduces our exposure to the chemicals that conventional cotton absorbs during the growing and finishing processes (formaldehyde, pesticides etc). Our skin is the biggest organ we have. It absorbs everything we put on it and our kids bodies don't deal with toxins as well as adults do.

We produced our blankets so that they can go in the washing machine and are completely biodegradable to suit your lifestyle and your ethics. In winter we need a duvet for warmth, but in summer we don't necessarily need it, we just need a thin blanket. Sometimes it pays to think about things differently.

Check out our cot and single size blankets in three funky prints.

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  • Rachel Pines
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