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Plastic Free

How can we live more plastic free?

Well, finding out how our grandparents lived is a good start. Plastic bags in supermarkets only started being a thing in the 1980's. Hopefully they'll soon be a thing of the past everywhere. Plastic has invaded every area of our lives and when it's not disposed of correctly it gets into our environment and eventually it all ends up in the sea. If you want to understand the impact that's having on our eco system watch the film BLUE which is a beautifully shot and eye opening documentary. If you're looking to contribute less to the problem water bottles, reusable cutlery, reusable coffee cups and glass straws are the basics. Since we've got used to the convenience of never having to think twice about food/water/cutlery/bags every time we leave the house, to reduce plastic we're having to learn how to get better organised. We've brainstormed how we can assist with this and have got some great products to help you live a more plastic free life.