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It is hard to ignore the facts that 20% of greenhouse gas emissions come from methane released into the atmosphere which is produced by farts from cows and sheep. That’s why we have decided to not sell any leather or wool products. We don’t want to contribute to climate change. If you would like more info on this visit this page where we have detailed info


It’s everywhere! We try hard not to use it in the first place and we reuse the plastic bags our garments come in (we send them back to India to be used again.) We are trialling corn based postpacks (yeah!) and recycle all the soft plastics that we can. We stay as up to date with new information and will share our findings on our blog, which you can check out here.


All of our brands are ethical in their practices. They may have fairtrade facilities or they work directly with their producers. See each brand page for their particular ethics and story.


We champion the brands that use natural textiles and organic practices and those that make from recycled materials. There is always a reason we have included a product on our site and if you’re unsure why. Ask us.