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Why should a fashion business be vegan?

    Did you know that the fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry on the planet?

    We've all grown up in a world where leather shoes, bags and jackets are not only considered to be the norm but are seen as a status symbol of high quality. The world's population has doubled since 1970 from 3.6 to 7.3 billion. This has caused such a high level of demand for clothes and accessories that the world’s resources are no longer able to cope. The animals we rear for food, and their hides, are known to cause huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions from methane (because they fart, a lot!!). And we're talking about levels higher than the 'total global emissions' from transportation! Once you know this information, it isn’t rocket science to conclude that we need to reduce the amount of animals we’re breeding and to do this, we need to lower demand. We can help achieve this by eating less meat (or maybe none at all!) and by choosing not to buy fashion items made from animal products.

    Cotton is a plant fibre isn't it? How could cotton clothes have animal products in them anyway?

    Yes, cotton is a plant but accessories like buttons or trimmings, can be made from animal products such as leather trim or shell buttons. All the products marked as vegan on this site have been checked to be sure.

    Isn't leather a by-product of the meat industry?

    A by-product is something that isn’t integral to the actual process, it's an expected waste product. In the agricultural industry every part of the animal is sold for profit and the skin of the cow is a very profitable element. Without the leather industry the price of meat would increase dramatically or farmers would be unable to stay in business.

    Why is leather processing bad for the environment?

      The chemicals used for the tanning process, especially in developing countries, are extremely toxic. The processing facilities then release this waste product, with the chemicals, straight into rivers. The majority of leather is processed in developing countries such as India, where this process is devastating to both the local environment and the people who live there.

      What does the latest research tell us about the vegan diet?

        Recent studies into blue zone communities around the world, who have the highest concentration of people over 100 years old, have found that they eat a predominately plant based diet. There are other factors involved in reaching such a ripe old age, including maintaining a certain level of daily exercise and living within a supportive community. However, there is a direct link that by eating less meat and dairy, than the average person, it will assist us to live a longer life.

        Where can I find out more information?

          PETA Australia is an organisation that promotes the ethical treatment of animals. The original organisation was founded in the USA in 1980 and since then they've run many successful campaigns to improve animal treatment. They disagree with factory farming, fur farming, animal testing, animals used for entertainment and they also promote a vegan diet. Their website has plenty of information on the treatment of animals and they also provide accreditation and support for businesses.



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